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Folding kitchen table and stools

A recent commission for Dougal Black Carpentry was this compact kitchen table and stools.  It had to fit into a small kitchen without getting in the way but also had to be able to seat four people if necessary...

"This commission has been great fun to design and make." says Dougal, "It was a team effort, too.  My customers had made a cardboard mock-up to see what would fit, and that was the start of the design process!"  

The result is this folding-leaf design which allows two people to use the table on a daily basis, but with one easy action it converts to a decent four-place dining table.  By positioning the legs on the sides rather than at the corners, and opting for sturdy stools rather than chairs, everything tucks away nicely until it is needed.

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"I love my job", says Dougal, "loads of satisfaction and never two days the same!"

Dougal, thank you so much for making our kitchen table and stools. We are totally amazed at the precision of your measurements to make such a lovely piece of furniture that fits the exact space to complete our kitchen.
D & M, Inverness (Folding Kitchen Table)
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