Latest Project - Another Happy Customer!

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Colour-adjustable LED lights illuminate this modern office.

Just completed by Dougal Black Carpentry, this stunning modern office has transformed a tiny room less than two metres square.  "My customers are delighted", says Dougal, who designed the room to be airy and light, meeting the client's brief for a fun and functional space.  "They are over the moon that we have packed in so much shelving and customised storage, with lots of desk space too."  He adds,  "They phoned me up the other day to thank me and to tell me they just love spending time in their new room".

The wall panels and cabinet-work are made using birch plywood which has edges that can be polished as a feature, with post-formed laminate desk surfaces and extensive use of fully dimmable LED lighting, both white and adjustable coloured.  Importantly, all cables are concealed on trays under the work surface, easily accessed but neatly hidden.  Dougal laughs, "Happy customers - that's what it's all about!" 

If you have a similar project you would like to discuss, please contact Dougal Black Carpentry without obligation.  For more information on this project click here.

Dear Dougal, having now used the desk for a few weeks we can confirm that it is a real pleasure to use and very conducive to study and to writing. Thank you so much for putting so much thought and skill into making it.
G & D, Black Isle
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