Small Computer Room

My brief with this interesting project was to create a fun and functional space in which to work with graphics on a PC.  The tiny room, barely two metres square, required careful planning in order to fit everything in.  Adjustable shelving, cupboard space, DVD and CD storage, surround-sound speakers, PC, printer, keyboard etc. were all incorporated into this small footprint while making the room light and pleasant to be in:  Desk surfaces are curved and layered then illuminated with LED lighting, wires are all hidden on easy-access cable-management trays suspended below the desk and illuminated alcoves have been used to house shelving.  Fully adjustable daylight white and coloured LED lighting systems allow complete control over the mood of the room.

Birch plywood has been used throughout, lacquered and polished to give bright, reflective surfaces with beautiful grain figuring.  Result; an exciting contemporary space full of great features.  Please get in touch if you would like something similar.

  • Coloured LED lighting is fully adjustable for shade and brightness using remote control.
  • A vast array of Formica laminates is available to complement the birch plywood cabinets and panels.
  • Graceful curves maximise functionality and provide pleasing aesthetics in a small space.
  • Space for hundreds of discs, manuals, books and magazines fits easily into these alcoves.
  • The details are continued throughout the room, increasing the uncluttered, relaxing feel.
  • Ceiling lighting is housed within a 'floating' plywood panel, designed to give soft but functional illumination.
  • This ceiling panel contains direct spotlights and also allows light to glow around the walls.
  • Imagine this space is yours - how would you use It?


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